Young boy’s drawing of the Olympic Games banned by Facebook – for being too rude

Young boy’s drawing of the Olympic Games banned by Facebook – for being too rude

Carter Jones loved watching the Olympic games so decided to draw a picture, but when his parents uploaded the sketch to Facebook admins banned it – saying it was too rude

A young boy’s drawing of the Olympic Games was banned on Facebook when admins determined that the sketch was too rude to share.

Carter Jones loved watching the gymnastics, judo, and diving, on the telly with his parents – Nicole and Sam – and soon he was sketching out his favourite scenes.

The young boy innocently drew a man jumping over a pommel horse, but the two parents thought it looked rather like something much more rude.

Nicole, 36, then uploaded the drawing to Facebook to share it with her friends, but then, to her surprise, it was removed by Facebook because it was too x-rated.

Nicole, 36, said: “So we were watching the Olympics, the gymnastics to be precise. Carter wanted to draw some of the things we had watched that day.

“He came running up to me so excited and said mama look what I drew. I took one look and I said wow this is amazing tell me all about it.

“As you can imagine the picture threw me into fits of laughter.”

“He told me it was the man going over the bench, meaning the pommel horse, kicking his legs out. I immediately sent it out to all our family.”

She posted the snap on Facebook and it was taken down by the admin running a group in the social media platform.

Her post read: “Guess the Olympic sport, by Carter aged four.”

Nicole continued: “I knew if I posted it in a group I’d get some pretty amazing answers – I was not disappointed.

“Unfortunately the admin had to remove the post. They had many rude type posts being flagged by Facebook.

“But I really enjoyed reading through the comments. They were far greater and funnier.”

Elainna Teare commented: “Haha, which channel is this on?

Laura McAdam added: “I laughed way more than needed at this, made my day.”

Claire McMahon joked: “Diving or gymnastics maybe?”

Stephen Miller said: “Weightlifting? Could be a giant muscly arm.”

Sue Humphries quipped: “Croissant eating?”