Debate sparked after able-bodied mum with pram spotted using a disabled toilet

Debate sparked after able-bodied mum with pram spotted using a disabled toilet

A woman with a disability has spoken out against able-bodied people using disabled toilets, after she had to wait for a mum with two children who had decided to use her loo

A debate has been sparked after an able-bodied mum with a pram was spotted using a disabled toilet – hurrying a woman with a disability who was using the facilithy.

The woman was out celebrating her child’s birthday when nature called and headed to the toilets, but had to wait as someone else was already using the facility.

But to her shock, when the door opened an able-bodied mum with two young children walked out, then as she was using the loo, another mum pushing a pram began rattling the handle and hurrying her up, as Cheshire Live reports.

The woman, who uses a wheelchair, said that the second mother’s behaviour was totally unacceptable – adding that disabled toilets aren’t there for mothers to use for space.

Taking to Mumsnet, the woman wrote: “As I am in a wheelchair, I have no choice in which bathroom I can use, I had to use the disabled toilet.

“I had to wait until a mother and a couple of younger kids came out of the disabled toilet which surprised me. As it looked unlikely that any of the younger kids would need nappies.

“Then I went in. This was a dedicated disabled (not accessible) toilet with no baby change facilities. I do understand that the first mother might have an invisible disability, as might her children.”

But, as the disabled mum was using the toilet, she was interrupted several times by someone rattling the handle, hurrying her up.

“I kept calling out that the toilet was occupied, which was frustrating. When I left an impatient mother with a pram was waiting to go in.

“I told her that there was no nappy changing facilities in that toilet, assuming she wanted to change the baby. But she snapped at me that she was a mother and had to use this toilet gesturing to the pram.

“I felt that this second mother was just entitled and rude. Having a pram doesn’t entitle you to use a disabled toilet.”

After she shared her story online, other parents were quick to comment their opinion and some rushed to the disabled woman’s defence.

One said: “Why should a disabled person have to wait for a non-disabled person to use the disabled toilet?”

But many said that toilets should be accessible to parents with prams, and admitted using facilities meant for disabled people: “Honestly, I agree with you. But I also think family toilets are needed.

“I took my son to an attraction today. We both needed the toilet. I’ve been before and the women’s cubicles are ridiculously small, but I can’t leave my four-year-old outside when it’s crowded.

“Took a punt on nobody needing the disabled toilet whilst we were in there and nipped in for a wee. I feel guilty, but not much I could do.”